Ford Fiesta ST, Focus ST and RS Buyers Younger, Wealthier Than Other Fiesta, Focus Owners

A new study finds people who buy the performance hatchbacks tend to make nearly twice as much as those who choose the regular models.

byAaron Brown|
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Ford's performance cars are attracting younger and wealthier buyers than its normal cars, according to a press release from the automaker released Tuesday.

The cars in question—Fiesta and Focus STs and the Focus RS—attract buyers who have around 70 percent higher incomes than those who buy the normal cars, according to a study from MaritzCX shared via Ford. To put that into more relatable numbers, the normal Fiesta's average buyer has an income of $59,000—while the ST's buyer rakes in $102,000. That's a massive jump. For the Focus ST and RS, it's $63,000 to $108,000 and $169,000. 

And there's a serious age gap as well. With the Fiesta ST, the average buyer is 35 years old, while the average buyer of a normal Fiesta is 45. With the Focus, the average RS buyer is 41 and ST buyer is 36; the average normal Focus buyer is 46.

“With repeat customers making up around half of industry sales, capturing younger buyers while they still have many vehicle purchases remaining in their lives is good for business,” said Ford marketing manager Corey Holter in a press release.

According to Ford, not only are younger people attracted to those cars, but more people in general are flocking to them. In the first quarter of 2017, Ford's sport car sales overall rose 45 percent.

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