A Colorado Subaru Enthusiast Club’s Cars Are Being Stolen Left and Right

At least 10 cars have been stolen from club members in the past week.

byJustin Hughes|
Subaru News photo

If you're a Subaru enthusiast in Colorado—or actually, maybe just anyone who lives in Colorado—lock your car and set the alarm. Charles Ohl, an administrator of the Simply Subies Colorado group, told Denver7 News that at least 10 members have reported having their pride and joy vehicles stolen during the past week, with even more thefts occurring during the past month. 

Simply Subies Colorado, which counts more than 1,600 members in its Facebook group, is attempting to raise awareness of these thefts and mobilize members to help search for the missing cars. 

“As of now, if I'm not mistaken, there are anywhere between 10-15 cars in the club that are currently stolen,” Ohl told Denver7. “Not to mention the close to 20 that have been found in various states of disassembly this past month." 

Police have already recovered two of the stolen cars—“One with a hole in the engine, the other completely stripped down," according to Ohl. Simply Subies Colorado is hoping to prevent a similar fate from befalling more of their members and their cars.

Subarus are extremely popular in Colorado. Upgraded parts from WRX and STI models, as well as aftermarket performance parts added to any model by enthusiasts, could make thieves a fair bit of money as long as they're not caught. 

At first glance, this rash of thefts may seem similar to the strings of Jeep and Dodge thefts that happened in Houston and San Diego over the past two years. But there is no known way to hack into a Subaru and start it without a key, unlike the FCA ignition system. The cars also appear to be remaining in Colorado, rather than being sent to Mexico as in the FCA thefts.