Subaru-Obsessed Colorado Residents Won’t Stop Asking to Buy This Outback

The car isn’t for sale, but that hasn’t stopped would-be buyers from coming to the owner’s door. “It’s the state car of Colorado,” the Subaru Outback’s owner said, by way of explanation.

byAaron Brown|
Subaru-Obsessed Colorado Residents Won’t Stop Asking to Buy This Outback

 A Colorado woman with two Subarus in her driveway has been bombarded with folks asking her to part with her 15-year-old Outback, for...well, no apparent reason, other than the fact that people in the state love Subarus.

Katie Kline's 2002 Subaru Outback has attracted several offers, even with the car simply sitting in her house's driveway in the Denver suburb of Westminster, broken roof rack and all, local news station KUSA reports. Because of all the attention Kline's Outback has received, she was forced to put signs on her car that read "NOT FOR SALE. DON'T ASK AND LEAVE."

A local news station anchor referred to the situation as one of the "most Colorado things we've ever seen." 

"It started about a month and a half ago," Kline said to KUSA. "I had a guy knock on the door, and he didn't introduce himself. He just said, 'Can I buy your Subaru outside for more than it's worth?'"

She rejected the offer, but after that one, a handful of others have also randomly shown interest in the Outback.

Kline blames the unwanted attention on the unabashed love the people of Colorado have for Subarus. 

"It's the state car of Colorado," she said. "You can do anything with it."

Recognizing the attention her car has received, Kline will continue to keep a close grasp on her Subaru.

"I'm not going through another battle trying to find a good deal on another Subaru."