Track-Only McLaren Senna GTR Concept Unveiled, Costs $1.4 Million

This is the fastest McLaren you can buy outside of an F1 car, boasting more power than the standard Senna and 2,200 pounds of downforce.

byChris Constantine|
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In the weeks leading up to the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren couldn't resist sharing new information about the Senna hypercar, so much so that we wondered if there would be anything left to talk about when the car made its first official debut on March 6. Then the brand pulled a fast one (literally) for its press conference, revealing the track-only Senna GTR Concept.

If the regular Senna is the most extreme street-legal McLaren ever made, this new addition to the Ultimate Series is what happens when McLaren is left to its racing-obsessed devices. "The McLaren Senna was designed from the outset with the full spectrum of road and track requirements in mind, so developing a GTR version is within the scope of the original project," said Dan Perry-Williams, Design Engineering Director at McLaren.

The brand claims that the new Senna GTR Concept is the fastest McLaren around a track besides one of its Formula 1 cars. For $1.4 million, the GTR gets a bump to 814 horsepower (up from 789), 590 pound-feet of torque, Pirelli racing tires, upgraded double-wishbone suspension, and a racing transmission.


The Senna GTR's main improvement, though, lies in its bodywork. The front splitter, fenders, and rear diffuser are noticeably larger and the car features a wider stance and lower deck. Working in tandem with the active rear wing, these aero bits help the car generate up to 2,200 pounds of downforce—over 700 pounds more than the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar

Despite the beefier appearance, the GTR Concept will weigh roughly the same as the "regular" Senna (about 2,641 pounds) thanks to McLaren's excellent carbon fiber Monocage III chassis. The only other change McLaren revealed is new wheels.


"The very limited number of customers who secure this car will be buying the closest experience you can get to a race car without actually lining up on a circuit grid," said McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt.

All 500 road-going Sennas are sold out, and the brand plans to hand-build about 75 Senna GTRs at its headquarters in Woking, keeping the exclusivity that McLarens bearing the GTR moniker enjoy.

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