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RTIC’s 32-Quart Ultra-light Cooler Is A Perfect EDC for Campers

Cooler, bottle opener, chair, chopping board: it’s got you covered.
RTIC 32-Quart Ultra-Light Cooler
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While spring has sprung and gone, there’s still more than enough specialness that nature still has in store for most campers. The lush green countryside is in a state of change, and you get to watch as the landscape moves from shades of green to red, orange, and amber hues. As such, there’s no better time to go camping and the RTIC 32-Quart Ultra-Light Cooler makes a compelling argument as to why it should accompany you.

This model has up to 2.5-inches of closed cell foam insulation, which, according to RTIC, can retain ice for at least five days. If your trip lasts long enough for your ice to melt, draining the water through the v-drain system should make life easier. When empty, it weighs just 13.4 pounds thanks to its injection-molded construction, which makes it around 30 percent lighter than rotomolded competitors. Its low weight comes as more of a surprise when you learn that this leak-proof cooler is partly made of stainless steel. T-latches clamp the lid, and an o-ring freezer-style gasket is in place to make a secure seal. 

RTIC 32-Quart Ultra-Light Cooler

The specs listed above are what you expect to see on a premium cooler, but this model has a few extra features that help it stand out. It’s lightweight, but RTIC says this is a heavy-duty piece of kit that you can use as a seat, cutting board, and step stool thanks to its traction lid and rubber feet. There are tie-down slots, meaning if you secure it in the bed of a truck, it should stay in place. When it’s time to move, molded-in side and marine-grade nylon rope handles are there to help. And, once you’re ready to relax, you can make use of the built-in bottle opener. All of these features help justify its $159.99 price tag.

This model holds up to 30 pounds of ice and has a 48-can capacity, but if that’s not enough, RTIC’s 52-Quart Ultra-Light Cooler should do the job. Anyone who wants a more portable option can check out the Soft Cooler. Are you swayed by the 32-Quart Ultra-Light Cooler’s premium features, or would you forgo them for a lower price?

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