Atturo Tires Sets Possible Release Date for Its First Drag Radials

You'll have to wait a little longer for the brand's first DOT-approved drag radial tires.
Atturo AZ850DR Drag Radial

Atturo Tires said in November 2021 that it would soon add its first drag radial to the AZ850 line of tires. Considering the AZ850 line already made a name for itself by outperforming original equipment for late-model muscle cars, including the Challenger Hellcat, news of a drag radial was interesting. The AZ850DR was set to release in spring 2022, but plans fell through. Atturo recently announced the possible spring 2023 release of the new drag radials.

The AZ850DR is in the final stages of testing, and the team is working on the best compound for the sticky drag radials. That compound paired with a wide shoulder section and large center contact strip, Atturo claims, will work together to provide traction from start to finish on the strip while retaining good street manners. 

The drag radials will best serve late-model muscle cars with 18- to 20-inch wheels. There are also plans to roll out coverage for 15- to 17-inch wheels. Atturo expects prices to start around $350. Production of the drag radials is set to begin once testing concludes in a couple months.

Are you planning on getting some track time in on Atturo’s new drag radial next season? Let us know in the comments.