RevArc’s Motorcycle Smart Steps Are 40 Percent off Just in Time for Summer

Be safer when loading your motorcycle.

byJonathon Klein| PUBLISHED Jun 8, 2022 1:30 PM
RevArc’s Motorcycle Smart Steps Are 40 Percent off Just in Time for Summer

One of the most frustrating, and potentially dangerous, things about loading your motorcycle into a truck bed is making the jump from the ground to the bed's surface. The gap between the bed floor and the ground is often between three and four feet, and if you're not holding the bike tightly enough, it could topple onto you. Countless YouTube videos prove that. RevArc's Smart Steps trailer hitch steps aim to save you from injury and humiliation, and it's 40 percent off right now.

RevArc's solution is a pretty simple one. It's just a set of steps that attach to your truck's trailer hitch. That's it. The Smart Steps system is made of powder-coated steel to prevent rust and features a working weight of 300 pounds. And because they're just steps, all you have to do is walk your dirt bike or motorcycle up the ramp without fear the bike will fall on you. Once you're done, RevArc's Smart Steps fold up and lock in place so as to not take up valuable bed space. RevArc really took seriously the old adage of keeping it simple.

There are other ways you can mitigate this issue. You can be like me and just be tall. (You can do it, I believe in you.) But if you're not inclined to get reconstructive surgery to lengthen your tibias, you can also ride your motorcycle into the pickup's bed. As seen in those videos above, however, that also has its dangers.

Or you can just buy RevArc's Smart Steps trailer system and save yourself not only a visit to the emergency room but also from becoming a meme. Plus, it's on sale, and who doesn't want to save money right now?

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