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MotorTrend Cancels Off-Road Adventure Show ‘Dirt Every Day’ After 10 Years

Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle grew the series into one of off-road entertainment's greatest titles.
Dirt Every Day hosts
Dirt Every Day on Facebook

MotorTrend announced Thursday that it has discontinued the pioneering off-road build series “Dirt Every Day” after 10 years and 138 episodes.

Hosted by Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle (not that one, different guy), the show started out as a one-man YouTube operation after Williams offered the idea to MotorTrend. What was meant as a suggestion was taken as a pitch, and Williams was handed a camera and told to get started. Williams balanced the production with a full-time magazine job for a period before quitting to produce the show full-time. Once he brought on Chappelle as the show’s fabricator, though, they really hit their stride.

Dirt Every Day’s hosts in the desert. Dirt Every Day on Facebook

The pair roved the outdoors, both in the U.S. and abroad, to eventually compile 138 episodes stretching across 11 seasons since 2013. Its unscripted plots and sense of adventure built a small community and bound together its production staff like a small family.

“I’m going to miss all of it,” Williams said to MotorTrend. “The crew are my friends, and when we were told that Dirt Every Day was being canceled, I was really bummed because it meant no longer seeing my friends on a regular basis.”

“We traveled together, ate together, had morning coffee together,” he continued. “Dirt Every Day shoots were like summer camp with your best friends.”

While no new episodes will be filmed, the show’s back catalog will remain accessible to fans on MotorTrend+. Williams also hinted that he would continue sharing updates on his projects on social media, as well as potentially sell off some others that fans may recognize. The curtain may be closing, but the effects this show had on building an audience for off-road entertainment won’t be forgotten.

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