Harbor Freight Drops Early Black Friday Coupons and They’re Awesome

You’re wrong if you don’t love Harbor Freight deals.

byHank O'Hop|
Harbor Freight Deals


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Harbor Freight might run deals almost every week, but there's never not something to get excited over, especially now that the welding cart you've been eyeing up for a couple of weeks finally goes on sale. If you don't think I'm heading over there to grab one after work, you're sadly mistaken. 

Seriously, though, Harbor Freight's already hot on it with some killer early Black Friday deals. The site is loaded with all kinds of coupons you need to check out, regardless of what kind of handy work you’re into. However, I did already check them out and gathered up the best for folks with automotive interests. You've just got to jump on these savings before they go away on November 13th. 

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