Make Failed Starts a Thing of the Past with the Best Car Battery Warmers

Cold weather doesn’t hold a candle to the best car battery warmers, which keep your vehicle starting smoothly.

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON February 28, 2022

Winter wreaks all kinds of automotive havoc. It’s hard on your car’s exterior, your tires, and even your car’s under-the-hood parts and functions. One area that can be particularly frustrating when temps drop and you need to hit the road? Your car battery. 

Freezing winter weather can not only drain your battery faster but also slow down the chemical reaction that happens each time you twist your key in the ignition or hit your ignition button. This can leave you sitting behind the wheel, watching your car sputter or fail to start. 

Fortunately, there’s a workaround you can use to keep your battery warm and safe from rough or failed starts: a car battery warmer. These insulated wraps envelop your battery in extra warmth, trapping heat and preventing the problems cold temperatures can bring on. We’ve rounded up some of the best car battery warmers right here.

Best Overall
Temro Zerostart Battery Blanket

Temro Zerostart Battery Blanket


This car battery warmer is easy to install and can keep your power source protected even when the ambient air is freezing.

  • Thinsulate material is space-saving and highly efficient
  • Warms battery core by 60 to 70 degrees
  • 30-inch cord offers plenty of reach
  • Doesn’t include an external thermostat
  • External thermostat can’t be added
Best Value

Aopec Battery Insulation Kit


Affordable and simple, this car battery warmer can be used at any size and doesn’t require any power to keep your starts reliable and easy.

  • Simple, straightforward installation
  • Durable insulation for heat trapping
  • Can handle temperatures up to 2,000 degree

Does need to be carefully trimmed to prevent sparking

Honorable Mention

Kat’s Battery Heater


This battery heater is super easy to install and use — simply wrap it around the battery fr quick heat so you can get full cranking power.

  • Easy wraparound installation
  • Vinyl exterior handles oil, abrasions and more
  • Doesn’t get hot to the touch
  • Doesn’t include straps or closure to secure the blanket
  • Can be tricky to install on some vehicles

Our Methodology

A good car battery warmer can lock in heat without impeding your car’s performance or usual functionality. So, to highlight the best of the best, we sought out the highest-rated and most highly-reviewed products available online. Looking solely at battery warmers, we compared the top products to one another and paid close attention to details like the material, the size and battery fitment for different vehicles, the installation method (and its ease), and the amount of warmth provided. Our picks were those car battery warmers that performed consistently and delivered reliable heat to keep batteries functioning at their best even in freezing or below-freezing temps.

Best Car Battery Warmers Reviews & Recommendations


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 36 in L x 8.5 in H
  • Brand: Kat’s


  • Quick, easy installation
  • Oil- and acid-resistant
  • Doesn’t get hot to the touch
  • Easy to remove


  • Not the hottest, highest-heat warmer
  • No way to secure onto the battery

Kat’s Battery Heater is a super simple car battery warmer, but it’s one that’s nice and easy to use in winter weather. Designed for use when outdoor temps hit 0 degrees, this product helps extend the lifespan and power capacity of your car battery by providing a bit of added heat. Made out of vinyl and able to resist oil and acids, it’s durable under the hood. It delivers 80 watts of heating power, and all you have to do to get started is wrap the product around your battery and plug it in to achieve your usual cranking power. 

Just keep in mind, though, that this battery cover is only meant to be used at temperatures of 0 degrees or below. It also isn’t the hottest warmer; it gets warm, and it won’t quickly or immediately raise battery temps. Plus, there’s no way to secure the wrap onto the battery, so you’ll need to use zip ties (or remove it before you drive).


  • Material: Titanium
  • Size: 40 in L x 7 in H
  • Brand: Design Engineering


  • Customizable for all battery sizes
  • Pliable yet secure
  • Highly resistant to abrasions, oils, acids, and more
  • Withstands up to 2,000 degrees of heat


  • Can arc and spark if not installed carefully

The Design Engineering Cell Saver Battery Insulation Kit is one seriously durable product. This tough car battery warmer is made with titanium in its material mix, and it’s engineered to be stronger than competing products for better durability and thermal performance. The wrap can withstand as much as 2,000 degrees, making it perfectly safe under your hood. Yet at the same time, it’s pliable, can be wrapped tightly, promotes airflow for better performance, and dampens vibrations while it’s in place. And when it comes to durability, this product really performs. It traps and neutralizes harmful battery acid, can withstand oils, and won’t break down with use.

Make sure to install this battery warmer carefully and below your terminals and connectors. If there’s any chance of contact, the insulation material can cause arcs or sparks, as the foil side conducts electricity.


  • Material: Thermo-tec insulation
  • Size: 40 in L x 8 in H
  • Brand: Thermo-Tec


  • Made of acid-neutralizing material
  • Protects battery from corrosion
  • Easy to install
  • Can completely cover batteries


  • May not fit all battery sizes

Here’s a car battery warmer that’s so effective at delivering insulation, it’s actually used by the U.S. military: the Thermo-Tec Heat Management Battery Heat Barrier. While this product doesn’t provide electric heat to your battery, it does offer a nice protective layer of insulation around its exterior, and it’s durable enough to survive whatever happens under the hood and on the road. It’s made out of Thermo-Tec’s innovative insulation material, which can withstand (and protect against) factors like corrosion, battery acids, and surrounding temperature fluctuations. And it’s even kind to the environment, as you can recycle it once you no longer need it.

Just keep in mind that this insulating battery warmer may not fit all batteries. You’ll want to double-check the sizing against your existing battery to ensure a tight, spark- and arc-free fit.

Our Verdict on Car Battery Warmers

The best car battery warmer for increased heat and reliable battery performance in winter weather is the Temro Zerostart Battery Blanket, which wraps your power source in an extra 60 to 70 degrees of heat. If you’re looking for cold weather protection and added warmth at an affordable price, the Aopec Battery Insulation Kit is another great option.

What to Consider When Buying a Car Battery Warmer

If you’re in the market for a new car battery warmer, you’ll find that many products look pretty similar online. Here’s what you should keep an eye out for as you shop for the best fit for your vehicle and battery. 

Car Battery Warmers Key FeaturesHeat-Retaining Insulation

A battery warmer can’t effectively heat up your car battery if the material it’s made out of loses warmth quickly. You want a product that offers layers of insulation to trap heat around your battery. Whether you’re opting for insulated wraps or wraps with heating pads, insulation (and even reflective insulation to help direct heat better) is key to ensuring your battery’s fluids don’t freeze. 

Adjustable or Customizable Fit

Not all car batteries are exactly the same size, which means that not all battery warmers are going to flawlessly fit your specific battery. While you can look for products that are made specifically for the size you need, it’s easier to find ones that are adjustable or customizable. Some battery warmers, for example, can be cut to size. Others feature Velcro or adjustable straps so you can achieve a secure, safe fit.

Resistant to Oil and Abrasions

If there’s one thing your car battery warmer has to be able to do beyond heat up your battery, it’s survive all of the different fluids and potential problems it can encounter under your hood. Oil is one of the most likely contaminants, so make sure to look for a product that’s oil-resistant. And if you’ll be removing your warmer often, you can run into snags, abrasions, and potential tears; this means it’s also a good idea to opt for a product that’s abrasion-resistant and durable.

Car Battery Warmers Pricing 

The price of a car battery warmer depends on how feature-filled the product is. If you’re looking for non-electric warmers that increase your battery’s temperature with insulation alone, you can find options priced between $20 and $50. If you’re opting for a car battery warmer that actually heats up and provides electric warmth, you’ll spend between $50 and $100 – though some products can be as expensive as $150.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers!

Q: Can you leave on a car battery warmer overnight?

A: You can definitely leave your car battery warmer on your battery and plugged in overnight. Having one of these insulated products wrapped around your battery can prevent its fluid from freezing and its power capacity from diminishing so you don’t experience rough or failed starts first thing in the morning. 

Q: How warm do car battery warmers get?

A: It really depends on the product that you’re using. In general, if your warmer includes an electric heating element, it can raise the temperature to between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: When should I plug in my car battery warmer?

A: You can plug in your battery warmer any time you’re parked. It’s a good idea, if temperatures are staying low, to plug in regularly and especially overnight, when temperatures can drop even more.

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