Best Car Ramps: Our Top Picks for Lifting Your Vehicle

Our top picks for the best car ramps for your home garage

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BY Austin Fracchia , Noelle Talmon / LAST UPDATED ON September 1, 2020

If you work on your car at home, there are many tools you can use to make your job easier, such as car ramps. They are safer and more convenient than other tools that do the same thing. The best car ramps provide adequate clearance for tasks like oil changes, belt changes, and other maintenance work you can do in your own garage or driveway.

Best Overall
 RaceRamps RR40 40” Race Ramp
These ramps are lightweight and don't mark up the garage floor. They're geared towards low-clearance sports cars and can hold 6,000 pounds per set.
The heavy, foam-like materials provide good clearance/support and solidly grip the ground while a vehicle is moving on or off of them.
They are not suitable for heavier vehicles or those with tires bigger than eight inches in width. They are also a bit pricier than competing car ramps.
Best Overall
 RaceRamps RR40 40” Race Ramp
Best Value
RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp
These ramps use a heavy-duty polymer and have a 17-inch incline that can accommodate low-clearance vehicles up to 12,000 pounds.
The ramps feature a non-skid base and a tread pattern that prevents tire slippage. They also offer a good amount of clearance underneath the vehicle.
The ramps may drag if you hit the guards on the ends. There have been a small number of ramps that have cracked during use.
Best Value
RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp
Honorable Mention
BISupply Vehicle Service Ramp Set
These are heavy-duty ramps that are great for working on cars but also SUVs, vans, and pickups. They are made of thick, long-lasting plastic and have a large surface area.
These ramps can hold 4,000 pounds each and lift your car 6.3 inches off the ground. A textured surface gives premium traction; non-skid base pads keep them in place on the garage floor.
You may want to use them only on a flat floor because of the design. No ID markings on the product. 
Honorable Mention
BISupply Vehicle Service Ramp Set

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Why Buy Car Ramps? 

  • Do more work on your car. You’ll have limited access to your vehicle's undercarriage if you try to do the work with a mechanic’s creeper. With high car ramps, however, you can get a much larger range of motion to get the job done.
  • More ground clearance. When working on a vehicle, it can be difficult to access certain areas without getting underneath it. Garage car ramps open up the undercarriage, so you can get beneath it with less difficulty and more space.
  • Better stability and safety than jack stands. If used in the wrong way, jack stands can fail, possibly causing serious injury or even death. Car maintenance ramps are a safer alternative since the wheels sit on bigger platforms that are less likely to fall or break down.
  • Less expensive than hiring a mechanic. If you don’t want to pay for a mechanic, car ramps are a good way to save money. Do the work yourself instead of hiring someone else and cringing at the credit card statement that follows.
  • Simple use. The best vehicle ramps are easy to install and use. Instead of wasting time with a wheel jack, just line up the ramps and carefully drive up until the vehicle is secure.

Types of Car Ramps

Heavy-Duty Car Ramps

If you are working on a larger car or truck, you may want to consider investing in ramps that can handle the extra weight. Heavy-duty ramps, often made of solid steel, can hold heavier vehicles than typical high car ramps due to larger weight capacity. Don't forget to check the weight of your ride before getting large car ramps.

Low-Profile Car Ramps

Some cars sit lower to the ground than others. Low-profile auto ramps are better for such cars because they have a smaller ramp angle that reduces the possibility of harming the bumper or bodywork as you drive onto them.

Two-Piece Ramps

Some ramps feature a two-piece design. These ramps allow you to detach a part of the ramp once the vehicle is on. This action eliminates the slope from the ramp when you push the locking mechanism to disengage them. The extra pieces can be used as chocks as well.

Car Ramp Top Brands

Race Ramps

Race Ramps, a division of Brute Technologies, is based in Escanaba, Michigan. They have won a slew of new product awards and have been featured in several high-profile publications such as Car and Driver and Motor Trend. They provide customers with high-quality products and superior customer support. One of their most popular products is the two-piece RR-56-2 56” Race Ramp.

Scepter USA

Scepter USA is a relatively new company based in Miami, Oklahoma. In operation since 2013, Scepter aims to develop great products for its customers. In addition to car ramps, Scepter produces fuel containers, oil pans, drip trays, siphons, and other products designed to make car maintenance easier. Their most popular car ramp is the Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set

Rhino Gear Manufacturing, Inc.

Rhino Gear Manufacturing, Inc. is a privately-held small business based in Painesville, Ohio, and has been making a variety of products since 2005. In addition to car ramps, they design steel pinions, gears, pulleys, sprockets, and other moving parts. One of their best-selling products is the 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp.


  • Under $50: There are just a few basic car ramps in this price range. Some of them are very good in quality and value.
  • $50-$200: The majority of car ramps fall into this category. Many provide the strength and clearance to work on a variety of vehicle sizes and shapes.
  • Over $200: Car ramps in this price category tend to have more longevity and durability than their counterparts. They may be pricier, but they are likely to last longer.

Key Features

Ramp Height

Ramps need to be tall enough for you to work beneath the vehicle. Make sure they are high enough for tasks such as an oil change. Some parts of a vehicle may be hot when you work, so the extra space can be helpful to prevent burns.

Ramp Width 

It’s important that your ramp set is wide enough so it can support the width of the tires on your vehicle. You’ll want to ensure that the car will not fall off the ramps, which can happen if the ramps are too narrow.

Construction Materials

Car ramps come in a variety of materials. Aluminum or metal car ramps are often a top choice if you require heavy-duty ramps for larger and heavier vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and campers. Some ramps are made of plastic, polymer, resin or composite materials. These types of ramps tend to be lighter weight, making them easier to use and store in your garage or workshop.

Other Considerations

  • Grip. Some ramps are designed to prevent slippage using grooves or grids that grip the tires while allowing water, snow, dirt, and other debris to slide off.
  • Incline. If you have a low-clearance vehicle, like a sports car, you will need a ramp with a lower angle of incline to prevent the front or bumpers from hitting the ramp. 
  • Tire stops. Keeping the tires on the ramps as the vehicle rolls up will prevent unnecessary accidents. Examine the ramps to see what protection they offer to prevent the tires from sliding over and off the ramp.

Best Car Ramp Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Best Overall
RaceRamps RR40 Race Ramp

These lightweight ramps are specially designed so they don't scuff up the garage floor. They feature a 16.7-degree angle of approach and are intended for sports cars such as Miatas, BMWs, and Jaguars. They're also ideal for vehicles that have short front ends. The Race Ramps can accommodate vehicles up to 1,500 pounds per ramp with a maximum tire width of eight inches.

These ramps are made of a heavy, foam-like material and provide a good amount of clearance. They are large but light and easy to maneuver. With a large surface, they grip the ground securely, preventing slippage when moving a vehicle forward or backing it down.

The ramps are only suitable for smaller sports cars with tires measuring eight inches or smaller in width. Under heavy weight, the ramps can deform and bulge slightly without losing structural integrity. These ramps are also pricier than some other options on the market.

Best Value
RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramps Set of 2

These rugged ramps are reliable and easy to use. They are also simple to stack out of the way when not in use. The RhinoRamps feature a non-skid base and a tread pattern that prevents tires from slipping with a 17-degree incline that is useful for low-clearance vehicles. They can hold vehicles up to 12,000 GVW (gross vehicle weight) with tires as wide as nine inches.

The ramps are very sturdy, made of a heavy-duty polymer. It takes just seconds to set them up and drive a vehicle onto them. They also provide a good amount of clearance: enough to place a five-gallon water bucket underneath.

The main downside is if you hit the guards on the ends of the ramps while driving, the vehicle may drag them forward. Too much power or momentum can cause the ramps to slide and potentially crack if there is too much force on the tops.

Honorable Mention
BISupply Vehicle Service Ramp Set

Use this set of ramps to perform maintenance on your car such as belt replacements and oil changes. It is a sturdy set made of heavy-duty plastic and can also handle vans, SUVs, and pick-up trucks.

Each ramp in the set can hold up to 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg) of weight and lifts the vehicle 6.3 (16 cm) inches off the ground, enough clearance for you, your tools, and supplies, and enough room to work. Each ramp is 11.5 inches (29.5 cm) wide to fit extra wide wheels. 

The ramps are strong but light so you can easily carry them around in the shop. The ramps’ surface is textured for great traction and the pads on the undersides prevent the ramps from skidding across the floor of your work area. 

However, the design of these ramps works best on a flat, clean floor. Also, you won’t find any specification markings on the ramps such as weight capacity.

Honorable Mention
Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Car Service Ramps

This set of black plastic ramps are meant for use under your vehicle while you work on the underside. They’ll lift your car or truck 6.25 inches off the ground. Each ramp measures 35.5 x 12 x 8.5 inches. You can use them with a vehicle that weighs up to 16,000 pounds. The ramps have a gentle slope and a tire stopper at the end of the flat platform. 

The ramps and platform on these ramps are nice because they have detailing to give them texture, which aids your tires in getting traction. They also have rubber feet on the bottom. This makes using these ramps safer and easier. There are also handle cutouts on the side to make carrying them easier. 

Unfortunately, the plastic used to manufacture these ramps is not the most durable. You’ll want to keep an eye out for cracking once your vehicle is on them. They’re also bulky, and you can’t stack them, which makes storage a challenge.

Honorable Mention

Sports cars are a challenge because they’re low to the ground and don’t fit on normal ramps because the incline is too steep. These low-profile ramps are the solution. The incline is a gentle 11.5 degrees and measures 66 inches long. Once on the ramps, your car will be lifted 7 inches off the ground. This set of two lifts are each 14 inches wide on the ramp and 16 inches wide on the platform. There’s also an integrated wheel stop. They have a weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. 

The aluminum build of these lifts makes them durable. The longer incline is perfect for lower-to-the-ground vehicles that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get under. They also have rubber stripping on the bottom to help them stay securely in place while you drive your car onto them. 

Unfortunately, they have a relatively low maximum weight capacity. This shouldn’t be a problem for smaller sports cars but could be an issue with a lowered truck or heavier car. The welds are also not the best and can pose a risk of breaking. 

Honorable Mention
Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps

This is another option for lower profile cars. This set of two ramps have a low incline of 9.05 degrees. These ramps are made of heavy-duty plastic and feature a honeycomb design on the ramp and platform. This gives them stability and helps to prevent the buildup of moisture. Each ramp measures 27-1/2" L x 7-3/4" W x 2-1/2" H, and they have a maximum weight capacity of 4,400 pounds. 

These ramps are ideal for a low-profile car. The gentle incline ensures your car won’t get damaged while using them. The plastic construction keeps them lightweight at just 9 pounds. This makes them a breeze to move about. 

While these lifts are designed for low cars, they don’t actually lift the car very much. In total, they raise the car 2.5 inches. You’ll have to use them with a jack or service lift if you actually want to get under the car. They also don’t have any rubber or non-slip footings, so they’ll slide around on your garage floor.

Honorable Mention
Rage Powersports Low-Profile Aluminum Vehicle Service Stands with Removable Ramps

This set of aluminum ramps have the lowest incline on the market at 7.6 degrees. They lift the car a total of 9.5 inches off the ground and have a weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. Heavy-duty aluminum is welded into a cross beam design for the ramp and platform construction. 

These ramps are incredibly functional with their long ramps and gentle incline. This gives them broad compatibility with vehicle types. Once your car is mounted, you can remove the long ramps and give yourself more room to maneuver and work on your car. 

Unfortunately, the gentle incline of the ramp means that they are incredibly long. This may be an issue for some vehicles with a shorter wheelbase. Cars with a wheelbase of fewer than 97 inches may end up having both front and back wheels on the ramps. The attachment design for the ramp isn’t very secure and can come loose while loading your car. The ramp portion also lacks any sort of buttressing or support throughout, which can compromise the stability and integrity of the ramps.

Honorable Mention
Rage Powersports Aluminum Pickup Truck Wheel Riser Service Ramps

This set of two aluminum ramps are designed for use with trucks or other large vehicles. They’re load-tested for safe use up to 7,000 pounds. Each ramp is 16 inches wide on the ramp and platform. They have a cross-rung design with each rung having a serrated traction surface. At the end of the platform is a prominent vertical wheel stop. 

Once your truck is on these ramps, it will be lifted 10.5 inches into the air. This will give you plenty of room to work under the vehicle. The large wheel stop is a nice touch to keep you from accidentally rolling too far and off the end of the ramp. The serrated traction texture on the rungs ensures your tires get a secure grip and help to keep the ramps in place as you drive onto them. 

While the aluminum construction is strong and durable, it also makes these ramps heavy, at 64 pounds. This can make them cumbersome to maneuver and set up. This is made even more challenging by the sloppy welds that are rough and could injure you. 

Honorable Mention
JEGS 80390 Trailer-Aid Ramp

This car ramp is meant to help cradle your trailer tire but can be used to lift any vehicle that weighs up to 15,000 pounds. It features a smooth incline and curved platform. The bottom of the ramp has four bolts and teeth molded into the plastic. Once on the lift, your car or trailer should be lifted 4.5 inches. 

This ramp is nice for longterm storage because it helps to prevent flat spots from forming on your tires. The curved platform follows the curve of the tire to cradle it. The teeth on the bottom of the ramp are nice because they can grip into soft ground and help hold your car or trailer secure. 

Unfortunately, there are no rubberized feet on the bottom of the ramp, so it will slide around on smooth surfaces. To make matters worse, there are four bolts that extend beyond the bottom of the ramp that could make it unstable and damage your garage floor. The ramp is also quite steep, so it may not work with some vehicles that are lower to the ground. It’s also sold as one ramp and not a set.

Honorable Mention
Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Assist Ramp Set

This set of blue plastic ramps come in a two-piece detachable design. They’re low-profile and designed to help your car have a bit more clearance for a floor jack to slide under the frame.  They have a longer ramp to create a mild incline. The plastic is a lightweight ABS material. 

The low profile and mild incline design of these ramps give them universal compatibility with low-to-the-ground vehicles. The detachable ramp makes it convenient for use with your floor jack, as you can remove the ramp portion to make room behind the tire for proper jack placement on the frame. These ramps weigh 5.89 pounds total, so anyone can lift and move them around. 

The biggest problem with these ramps is that they are entirely plastic with no rubberized or non-slip bottom. This means they’ll slide all over the place if you have a smooth garage floor. The plastic also feels quite thin, which can be a concern when using them to support heavier vehicles.

Tips and Advice

  • We recommend working on a flat surface as the safest method for using ramps. Be sure to line the ramps up with your front or rear wheels first.
  • When using ramps, leave the car in gear and apply the parking brake to prevent the vehicle from rolling. These measures will keep the car as still as possible.
  • Make sure you check that the ramp you plan on using is rated to support the vehicle it will be holding. If your vehicle is too heavy, the ramps could fail.
  • Consider purchasing wheel chocks to use alongside your set of garage car ramps. These simple devices tend to be inexpensive, are widely available, and offer tremendous safety benefits.
  • Before driving your car up the ramps, make sure the tires are just barely touching the ramps. Drive forward slowly to avoid spinning your tires or driving off of the top.
  • To prevent ramps from sliding on concrete, use carpet or rubber underlay for a little bit of extra grip.


Q: Why is a ramp’s length important?

A: When you select a car ramp, the angle shouldn't have a grade larger than 20 percent. Longer car ramps have smaller grades, so it’s easier to drive up. 

Q: Why is a ramp’s width important? 

A: It's essential to choose a ramp that can accommodate the size of your vehicle's tires. Wide car ramps are easier to drive on, but it's important to center your tires on the ramps. The wider the ramp, the more challenging it is to center your vehicle.

Q: How long will car ramps last?

A: Most types of car ramps will last for many, many years as long as they are used properly and stored in a protective environment.

Q: Are plastic car ramps safe?

A: Both metal and plastic car ramps are safe for use. Advances in technology have made it possible for plastic and polymer products to be as strong and resilient as their metal counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best car ramps is the RaceRamps RR40 40” Race Ramp. They are lightweight, durable, and provide a lot of traction.

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey, consider the RhinoGear 11909 RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramps.