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MY EDC Obsession Helped Me Find Some Killer Deals Great For Father’s Day

Every Day Carry tools doesn’t have to mean a buffed-up Swiss army knife. I’ve found great prices on normal tools that are totally portable.
EDC Tool Deals from Amazon and More

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As some of you regular readers know, I fell down the EDC rabbit hole after finding my multitool inadequate after suffering a mechanical while on my gravel bike. I found several solutions that offer greater utility than a typical everyday carry multitool. Admittedly, almost all of them are larger than pocket-sized. After way too much hand-wringing looking at regular tool brands, well regular German kind of niche of tool brands, like Wiha and Wera, I eventually settled on a tool kit from cycling specialist Silca. I ordered a T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit. Silca, as a brand, is a bit fetishized in the bike community and is renowned for quality and precision. As you may have guessed from gushing, it means I spent more than I needed to. In the spirit of sharing my excitement, and helping you get ahead of Father’s Day, I’ve rounded up some awesome EDC tool deals.

My Silca tools are apparently still being forged by Telchar of Nogrod and I’m hoping to see them before the Festival Of Lithe, but as the old saying goes, “A tool kit is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to.” Anyway, while waiting, I’ve been examining other possible ways to skin the same cat. The Silca kit has a torque stick which is important for cycling, but not useful for typical EDC jobs. There’s a number of ways of carrying pretty complete tool kits, some of which are substantially more affordable, and some, you may even have most of the stuff in your garage already.

SILCA T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit for $125 at BackCountry

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First, if you have a 1/4-inch ratcheting wrench, like this one from GearWrench, and you have a selection of hex bits, that may have come with your last drill purchase, you have a very affordable makeshift kit already. Or GearWrench is way ahead of me on this, and makes a ¼ inch drive ratchet specifically for this purpose. You just need to decide on a way to carry them.

There’s also some pretty nice pre-bundled stuff from Wiha, that fits the bill. The Wiha 32 Piece GoBox with Mini Ratchet for $29.99 is probably the best value choice. It’s a one-and-done ratcheting solution. For those of you who want compact tools but with more utility, I found The GearWrench 14 Pc. Stubby Ratcheting SAE/Metric Combination Wrench Set for $54.79 which is a killer deal. And look, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Some of you came here looking for a more traditional EDC multitool. I have a selection of a few of Gerber’s greatest hits. That includes the Gerber Gear Dime 12-in-1 for $21.75 and Gerber Gear Armbar for $27.60. If Dad already has a couple multitools, then a good surprise is always the Gerber Gear ComplEAT Camping Utensils Cooking Tool Set for $28.09. Any of these will be a hit as a gift.

Gearwrench 14-Piece Stubby Ratcheting SAE/Metric Combination Wrench Set for $54.79

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When I get the Silca kit, my plan is to review it as not only a bike tool, but also as a possible addition to a normal EDC pack. I might also see what I can piece together from my existing tools that would be comparable, or spend the smallest amount possible to assemble something from normal tool brands; just for comparison. 

More EDC Deals for Early Father’s Day Shoppers

Gerber Gear Dime 12-in-1 Lightweight Multitool Keychain and Pocket Knife for $21.75

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