There’s Still Time to Land Father’s Day Savings on Tools, Truck Accessories, and More

Spending the weekend with dad doesn’t mean missing out on all the good sales.
Father's Day Deals That are Still Running

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Father’s Day weekend takes you away from screens. Rather than looking at your phone, you’re spending your time at car shows, out fishing, or around the barbecue. That’s the way it should be, but it does mean you probably missed out on all the awesome weekend sales. Luckily for you, many of the deals are still running. Even better, I went ahead and rounded up what’s lingering from the sales we covered here.

RealTruck’s always offering up awesome savings. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth covering even a few times a week. For Father’s Day, it knocked the AMP Research PowerStep™ XTreme down to $1,999.99. Those Powersteps are awesome but expensive. RealTruck ktaking $200 off the top is an excellent reason to finally jump on them if you’ve been eyeing them up for your truck.

AMP Research PowerStep™ XTreme for $1,999.99 at RealTruck

Those of you looking for something a little more modest aren’t out of luck either. Lowe’s also ran some great discounted power tool bundles that include free gifts. Perhaps the best among them is the DeWalt 20-V 2-Pack Lithium-ion Battery for $199 which includes a free tool of your choice. Yes. That offer is still valid.

These aren’t the only deals still running, but that’s about all the time I’m going to spend rambling on about them. Check the list below for more Father’s Day deals you can still land. 

DeWalt 20-V 2-Pack Lithium-ion Battery for $199 and Choose a Free Tool

More Father’s Day Deals That are Still Running 

Gerber Gear Blunt Nose Multitool for $71.65 at Amazon