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Mercedes-Benz Reveals Luxury Golf Cart With Built-In Fridge

Now you can drive a Mercedes both to the course and onto the course.

Have you ever been riding along in a golf cart when you realized the interior was crap? Or that you were traveling at approximately the speed of a lethargic snail? Heavens. Either fortify with a gin rocks, or turn your attention and pocketbook to the literal Mercedes of golf carts: the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Cart.

Based on Garia’s performance-oriented platform for the active duffer, the collaboration between the two companies has yielded a golf cart laden with carbon fiber and wood trim, plus an integrated touchscreen. Plus, the Mercedes golf cart looks ever-so-slightly like a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the most dynamic of full-sized vans


As with Mercedes-Benz’s forays into non-automotive vehicles, like the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Speedboat, the brand partnered with a top producer in the field, rather than starting an entire operation from scratch. Garia sells its wares with the tagline, “The World’s Most Exclusive Golf Cart”—though with most coming in around $15K, it would seem most of the golf set could gain access. Garia carts have aluminum frames, hydraulic brakes, and built-in refrigerators, for the aforementioned bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Top speed is 19 mph, or about 7 mph faster than the average cart, guaranteeing you’ll beat everyone to the post-match buffet.

A host of designers from Mercedes-Benz worked to reform the basic Garia cart, replacing a top-heavy silhouette with a sporty stance. The roof was slimmed and fashioned from carbon fiber. The front fascia bears a grill with dimpled, golf ball motif. Inside, the standard bench seat is curved, and the dash trimmed in carbon fiber, wood, and leather. The infotainment systems boasts Bluetooth and speakers that—reports indicate—may exclusively blare Jimmy Buffet’s Greatest Hits. A holder beneath the seat can hold two “water” bottles and six golf balls.


Right now, Garia plans to build only two examples solely for show purposes, but a raucous chorus of cheers might convince it to put this Mercedes of golf carts into production. Here’s hoping it does. The golfing set could use a little more class.