Your Vacation Home on Wheels Could Use a Few Things From Amazon

Set off on your next RV adventure fully outfitted.

byKara Snow|
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Ever see the movie Lost in America with the adorable Albert Brooks? It’s the story of a husband and wife who quit their jobs, sell their house and possessions, buy a fancy RV, and plan to live the rest of their days just traveling the country. It’s the kind of road trip that dreams are made of—until reality takes the wheel. 

If you own an RV, you likely know the lure of the open road. You probably also know well the annoying details that need attention before you can take off. I’m here to help. I went searching for the gear you might need, and I found a bunch on sale. From a tankless gas water heater to RV-safe toilet paper, here’s some discounted stuff to help get you underway.

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