Don’t Miss Out on These Rad RC Car Amazon Sales

Get your kit car on with these dope RC cars.

byJonathon Klein|
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I love RC cars, even at my age. They're fun and cheaper to work on than your own car. Remote-control vehicles can also be great toys for your children to learn to love cars themselves. And they can provide hours of entertainment in your backyard. They're also the perfect gift. But what's better than an RC car? That's easy: an RC car on sale.

Look, we're all stretched thin in our wallets right now, so a deal is a deal. And the deals below are some of the best we've seen for RC cars on Amazon lately. If you need a present for your child's birthday or if you just need to let off some steam with a new hobby, check out the list. Sound off in the comments with what you already have or what you're getting.