Acura CDX Might Be Coming to the U.S.

Acura’s compact crossover takes the fight to the X1s, Q3s, GLAs, and QX30s of the world.

byChris Tsui|
Acura News photo

Luxury Japanese car trivia time: Did you know that Acura makes a compact crossover smaller than the RDX and MDX? If not, don't beat yourself up too badly, since the compact CDX is strictly a Chinese-market-only affair...for now. According to Acura execs, the CDX may be showing up on American shores sometime in the future. 

Speaking to WardsAuto, Acura US Group VP Jon Ikeda said, "It’s a model that interests a lot of our people, so we have our R&D guys looking into the possibility." However, Ikeda goes on to say that due to differing regulations, bringing their Audi Q3-fighter to the States "is not as simple as just shipping it over here," but "it’s on the table…it’s in discussion."

Sitting on the same platform as the Honda HR-V, the Acura CDX features the same 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder found in the upper trims of the Honda Civic mated to an eight-speed DCT lifted from the firm's ILX and non-V6 flavors of TLX. The CDX also wears Acura's new diamond pentagonal grille, so far only seen on the facelifted MDX and TLX.

If Honda's leather-lined mini-ute ever does come to our shores, it faces solid competition in the form of the BMW X1, the aforementioned Audi Q3, and the platform-sharing twins, the Mercedes-Benz GLA and Infiniti QX30