Drive Wire for December 5th, 2016: 500th LaFerrari Auctioned Off For $7 Million

All proceeds will go to Central Italy earthquake victims.

byThe Drive Staff|


Today on Drive Wire we dive into the world of the wealthy and charitable.

Last week we mentioned that Ferrari and R.M. Sotheby’s would be auctioning off the 500th LaFerrari to benefit the victims of the central Italy earthquakes. With custom livery, interior features and badging, we expected the already expensive LaFerrari to auction off for an astronomical amount.

Fortunately we were correct and the LaFerrari went for a record-breaking 7 million dollars. This makes the 500th LaFerrari the most expensive car built in the 21st century to be sold at auction.

All proceeds will go directly to relief efforts thanks to the generosity of Ferrari and R.M. Sotheby’s.

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