The 2017 VW Golf Alltrack Just Looks Like Fun

Why buy a dedicated 4x4 when you can have what is essentially a new Golf Country?

Volkswagen’s MQB Platform has established itself well since its introduction. The practical Golf has been quoted to be “the best in years” with the GTI following suit, reassuring the once dwindling VW faithfuls. With the introduction of the E-Golf and R, the architecture was only missing one aspect to be a completely rounded hitter- enter the Golf Alltrack. Sporty capabilities work in tandem with added ground clearance and all wheel drive to develop this practical wagon into a year long toy. It may even bring back a little life to the American wagon market, something that you should absolutely hope for.

The experience is the highlight for the Alltrack. Some may worry about the driving dynamics with its raised center of gravity, but they shouldn’t. That’s what makes it exciting! Sporty handling — BOOM! Turbo engine with 200 lb. ft. of torque — Why not?! All Wheel Drive with Offroad Mode — Now you’re just rubbing it in! You’ll be able to repel your way down steep declines with Hill Descent Control, maneuvering your way over debris and rubble with a respectable 6.9 inches of ground clearance, even measuring your approach angle with the available Offroad Monitor. No matter your location, you’re going to smile.


Besides just being a good time, it’s a sensible purchase. After all, that’s the point of a crossover. You roll cargo space, sporty styling, and 30 MPG together and, voila! Golf Alltrack. Volkswagen’s website quotes the starting MSRP at $26.950, making it easy to convince your spouse that it’s a good idea. As normal with VW, there are options a-plenty. Fender Audio, an entertainment system with Apple Car Play as well as Android Auto, and some beautifully colored brown leather seats; all available in this model. So whether you need to justify the purchase to yourself or someone else, the Alltrack makes it easy.

So power on. Make your choice, but make sure to give the Alltrack a second look. When considering the essentials, notice that it meets a variety of requirements from space to luxury. After you’ve done that, think about what you want. Have a little fun. That’s what it’s made for.