2017 VW e-Golf Gains 50 Percent Range Improvement, Achieves 119 MPG-e

An upgraded battery pack means improved statistics for VW’s compact EV.

byCaleb Jacobs|
2017 VW e-Golf Gains 50 Percent Range Improvement, Achieves 119 MPG-e


For 2017, Volkswagen's e-Golf will see its first significant revision by introducing an all new 100 kWh electric motor and 35.8 kWh battery pack. As a result, the model will see recognizable improvements in efficiency and overall range, leaping from last year's model. Set to go on sale this Spring, the e-Golf remains VW's only all-electric model in the U.S. market.

According to Automotive News, the EPA rated the 2017 e-Golf at 125 miles, a 42 mile increase from last year's model. The EV has its larger and more powerful electric motor to thank for that as it's re-design is an improvement from the previous 85 kWh powerplant. It produces 134 HP, which is also a leap from 115 HP provided by the old one. Although these figures may not be as large as Tesla's hefty 100D models, the e-Golf serves a different purpose as an around town commuter with less focus on long distance travel.

MPG-e numbers are up for this model year as well, reaching 126 mpg city/111 mpg highway/119 combined. This may possibly be the most eye-catching stat for the compact, making it certainly appealing to the eco-conscious demographic.  Again, these figures are improved from last year's model which achieved 126 city/105 hwy/116 combined mpg-e. 

Trim levels include the standard SE and SEL Premium selections. Each come with a 7.2 kW on-board charger which is enough to charge your e-Golf from empty to full in just under six hours. DC Fast Charging will be standard for the SEL Premium Trim. Safety features like Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Braking will also be available for the higher trim.

This revision is a big step towards VW's plan for electrification. As the automaker has decided to drop diesels from the U.S. market, EVs will be a major part of their sales strategy for years to come. 

Expect to see this model on sales sometime in the next few months. Pricing is not yet announced, but expect it to be similar to the current $28,995 starting cost.