Drive Wire for July 26, 2016: Don’t Expect an Electric Porsche 911 Anytime Soon

Product chief says such a car would be plagued with too many disadvantages.

byThe Drive Staff|


On today's installment of Drive Wire, The Drive discusses the news that Porsche has no plans to build an electric or hybrid 911 anytime in the near future. In an interview with Australia's, 911 product chief August Achleitner said that while the carmaker could build a Porsche 911 with electric propulsion in one form or another, such a vehicle would be too much of a compromised proposition, due to the sports car's size. But when it comes to an electric 911, never say never; Achleitner said Porsche is continuously monitoring global trends, and could well change course if the demand arises for such a car. For more on this story, check out the video above.

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