The Liberty Walk Lexus LC500 Redefines ‘Wide’

It’s hippy—and expensive.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jan 2, 2018 12:18 PM
The Liberty Walk Lexus LC500 Redefines ‘Wide’

The Lexus LC500 is the surprise hit that Japan needed to compete with its European adversaries. It's wildly refined and voluptuous where it counts, and despite the global downturn in GT sales, Lexus continues to build it. To spice up the already-tasty coupe, worldwide tuner Liberty Walk has unrobed a retooled widebody that stretches the LC500's arches and hardened its attitude to create what you see here.

The Yakuza-grade stunner has been obviously massaged, and that's not limited to its fender wells. Two complete versions of the LC500 widebody have been developed, both offering dramatic spins on the original design language. Pronounced lower valances and rivet-style flares made famous by Liberty Walk highlight its differences from the production model, not to mention the Advan wheels that are better off being measured with a yardstick.

Edges and angles detail the most noticeable alterations as does the motorsport-style rear diffuser. You can, of course, order your kit sans decals and vinyl, which would be the way to do it in our book. 

Liberty Walk

Expect to pay upwards of $15,000 for the scene-slaying bit of kit. The highest-level V1 can be optioned to $19,440 before shipping, and that's on top of the LC500 donor car. Whereas a neatly trimmed example of the Lexus can easily be spec'd to six figures and above, that means that your total will likely creep upwards of $150,000—a small price to pay for wowing your neighborhood car meet.