Jaguar Is Now Offering $30,000 Discounts on the 2017 F-Type SVR

The F-Type R and V6 models get slashes of up to $20,000 and $10,000, respectively.

byChris Tsui|
Jaguar News photo

If you're in the market for a British sports car such as the Jaguar F-Type but found the sticker prices ever-so-slightly too rich for your blood, Jag's got options for ya—and no, it doesn't involve stepping into the new, poverty-spec, four-cylinder model. Instead, we hope you don't mind rocking a marginally less new F-Type as Jaguar is offering deep discounts on its remaining 2017 cars. 

As discovered by Cars Direct, the British luxury marque is offering dealerships $30,000 in cash incentives off of the top-of-the-line, 575-horse 2017 F-Type SVR while R and V6 models receive $20,000 and $10,000 in incentives, respectively. While a base F-Type in the low $50,000s sounds freakin' sweet, you may have some difficulty actually securing such a deal as Cars Direct reports that most dealerships have already sold out of their V6 F-Type inventory. On the bright side, this eliminates any possibility of cylinder-envy-induced buyers remorse

The discount is applied entirely at the discretion of the dealer and comes with the caveat of only being eligible to buyers paying cash or financing with a third party, as it cannot be combined with Jag's own in-house financing. 

The top-dog SVR stickers for around $130,000 while the 550-horsepower R normally goes for a little over $100,000. Those looking to get into the V8 British sports car game on the cheap will want to act fast as the cash incentive offers are said to expire in the new year.