Jaguar F-Type R Visits Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon

Jaguar adds a little excitement to a pair of rather unexciting towns.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Aug 11, 2017 12:43 PM
Jaguar F-Type R Visits Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon

There isn’t a whole lot going on in the sister cities of Dull, Perthshire in Scotland and Boring, Oregon. Their populations are just 200 and 8,000 respectively and the small towns are about as uninteresting as their names imply. In 2012, the two towns started a partnership and celebrate the public holiday Dull and Boring Day every year on August 9.

Jaguar decided Dull and Boring day would be a good day to kick off a new campaign for one of the least dull and least boring sports cars on the market—the F-Type R. One F-Type was lent to a pair of young ladies in Dull and another went to two facial hair-clad men in Boring to make their hometowns much more exciting.

The idea is that the F-Type is a thrill drive no matter where you drive it. We see the ladies in Dull tear up some rural Scottish roads and win the envy of a few men carrying a canoe while the boys in Boring show off their “Jag-wire” (props to Jaguar for not correcting the Oregonian’s yankee pronunciation) F-Type at mom and pop shops while enjoying the scenic Pacific Northwest.

The two lucky drivers who got behind the wheel first had a hard time switching seats with their passengers, understandably so. Finally, after enjoying the F-Type’s active exhaust, dynamic mode, and other goodies, we see the lucky drivers comforting each other when they need to say goodbye to the British sports car that injected a healthy dose of enthusiasm into their uneventful towns.

Watch the Dull and Boring adventures below.