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Celebrities Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks Do a Reddit AMA at 130 MPH

Two actors get interviewed while hot-lapping Willow Springs in an Audi TT RS. Is there a weirder interview segment online?

A Reddit Ask Me Anything is an online interview conducted on Reddit in which the interviewers are anonymous site users and the interviewee (usually a celebrity or organization) answers the top-voted questions in the comment section. As the name implies, the questions can be about anything, from concerns about the guest’s promoted project to what his or her favorite type of cheese is. This AMA follows the same concept, except the celebrities answer from the passenger seat of the 2018 Audi TT RS as it rockets around Willow Springs Raceway at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. 

Questions are read by television host Sal Masakela via radio, and the participants have to yell over the 390-horsepower TT’s snarling 5-cylinder engine the whole time. In addition, each celeb is given the option to drive the pocket-R8 for a lap. Spoiler alert, they both took it. 

This is part of Audi’s “Think Faster” event on Sept. 27, the first official collaboration between Audi and Reddit, and the first time a car company has hosted an AMA on the site. 

The first excited participant was actor Adam Scott, famous for his roles in Parks and Recreation and Step Brothers.

Scott’s full AMA can be found here, but highlights include an answer to “Would you rather fight 10 regular sized Aziz Ansaris or 1 giant Chris Pratt?” and reasons why Amy Poehler is his favorite actress (of course). 

The second, more reluctant guest was Elizabeth Banks of The Hunger Games and The Lego Movie fame. Banks’ opinions on onions and her obsession with Chris Evans in Captain America were revealed, although she failed to best Scott’s “hot lap” speed which set her off. Banks’ full AMA is available Banks’ full AMA is available here.

Audi succeeded in making this one of the strangest internet interviews out there, but unfortunately it was only a two-part series. It would be awesome to have another car-related interview show out there like Carpool Karaoke and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, in which guests drive around a race track while answering questions. Hope you’re listening, Audi.