Ferrari 488 GTB in Spider-Man Livery Spotted in Vietnam

With great horsepower comes great responsibility.

byEric Brandt|
Ferrari 488 GTB in Spider-Man Livery Spotted in Vietnam

YouTube channel XSX Automotive Photography has a video that J. Jonah Jameson would pay top dollar for to put on the Daily Bugle’s website. They’ve found a Ferrari 488 GTB in a custom Spider-Man

livery crawling around Vietnam.

Some moments in the ten-minute video below are better than others in giving us a good view of this Ferrari and sometimes the cameraman gets way too close to the car in traffic. This web-slinger is mostly red with some strategically placed thick blue stripes that flow nicely along with a black “web” all over the car. On the front of this Ferrari, the prancing horse is accompanied by a big black spider graphic on the hood.

Since we only see the Spider-Ferrari driving in city traffic, we don’t really get to see this friendly neighborhood supercar drive fast like it was made to do, but it’s still fun to just watch it drive around.

We can’t help but wonder how Ferrari would feel about this considering the famous case of deadmau5’s “Purrari” a few years ago with the Nyan Cat graphics. After the EDM musician/supercar enthusiast/cat lover got a cease-and-desist from Ferrari, he complied, removed the graphics, and sold the car. He replaced his 458 Italia with a “Meowclaren” 650S, which he used as an Uber, and a “Nyanborghini Purracan” (his verbiage, not ours).

What Ferrari took issue with on the "Purrari" was the replacement of the prancing horse emblem with a prancing cat. Considering the Spider-Ferrari still has the original emblems, it should be able to avoid getting tangled in a web of lawyers.