HJC Adds New Iron Man and Spider-Man Graphics to Motorcycle Helmets

You now have multiple options for DOT approved Iron Man and Spider-Man helmets.

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As a promotion for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, Marvel has teamed up with HJC to create some super new helmet graphics. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen graphics of these two iconic heroes on HJC helmets, but now there’s more variety in price and style to suit the tastes of more riders.

Perfectly in line with the wealth of the characters themselves, the Spider-Man helmet is an affordable CS-R3 and the Iron Man helmet is a high-end RPHA 70 RT. These lids will set you back $159.99 and $609.99, respectively.

More than just for show, both of these helmets are DOT and ECE certified for street use. They might not be quite as sturdy as Iron Man’s suit, but they will offer more protection than Spider-Man’s spandex.

According to HJC in a press release, the new Spider-Man helmet “clearly reflects Spider-Man’s digital, blue and red suit from the new movie; vs the classic, comic Spider-Man graphic that was previously released on the RPHA 11.” While the new Iron Man lid “highlights the sophisticated, metallic features from Iron Man’s suit in the new [Spider-Man: Homecoming] film.”

They both come standard with clear face shields, but they tease us in the press release with a dark smoke shield on the Spidey helmet and a very cool gold shield on the Iron Man one. We know the helmet itself is already pricey, but adding that gold shield would really complete the look.

The Spider-Man CS-R3 will come out on the same day as the new movie which is July 7. If you want the Iron Man RPHA 70 ST, you have to wait until fall.