Aston Martin Designers Talk About the Beauty of the DB11

The design and development of the DB11 as told by the designers themselves.

byKevin Tagoe|
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Few would argue that the Aston Martin DB11 is a gorgeous car. The sinuous lines and athletic proportions of the car maintain the visual cues associated with its acclaimed predecessors. Primary features of the design language associated with Aston Martins, such as the “romantic, but never retro” mantra and the grille standing as a unifying element for the entire body, are present. The look of the DB11 also forges headfirst into new aesthetic territory, with the aggressive implementation of thoughtful design and engineering throughout its bodywork and interior. But what was going through the heads of the designers as the car came together?

There are many elements at play along the exterior of the car. It features various aerodynamic accoutrements and visual cues. The "aeroblade" design feature controls airflow across the rear of the car to develop downforce without the use of a large spoiler or wing. The DB11 also integrated ducting elements from front to rear to aid aerodynamic efficiency. The integration of the features maintains an elegant overall appearance with clean, simple lines.

The efforts that went into the interior of the DB11 are no less comprehensive. As is expected from a grand tourer, material quality was a major aspect of the car's design. The expressive elements also spare no expense in usability. There are 54 more millimeters—almost 3.5 inches—of headroom available to passengers compared to the DB9, and 87 more mm—or about two inches—of legroom.

Still, there are a multitude of small details that can only be fully appreciated from the vivid description of the designers themselves, so it's worth watching the video below from FormTrends that describes the car's creation. Thanks to their efforts, the world can get a firsthand account of the multitude of visual and functional aspects of the DB11.

The Aston Martin DB11 exterior., Aston Martin official website
Interior detail shot of the Aston Martin DB11., Aston Martin official website
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