Half Naked Man Crashes Dodge Challenger Into Deli in Search of Beer

This story is riddled with bad decisions.


The video below shows us what happens when you fall into a spiral of bad decisions. According to Rocky River Police the intoxicated suspect rammed his Dodge Challenger into a closed deli this past Sunday in search of beer. The suspect drove his muscle car approximately ten yards into deli, striking a worker in the process. The suspect then exited the Dodge Challenger and informed the injured worker he needed beer before entering the cooler.

The suspect then barricade himself in the cooler and appeared to be distraught according to police. Rocky River officers spent a period of time negotiating with the suspect until they eventually tazed him. According to reports, the suspect had been experiencing issues with his service in the military and with the federal protective service.  Police identified the 45 year old suspect as Robert Mason of Rocky River. Mr. Mason was charged with operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Hopefully Mason received the help he clearly needs.

The deli worker was transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.