Watch Red Bull F1 Drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen Race Tiny Boats in Australia

Water replaced asphalt for these F1 drivers for one day Down Under.

byAaron Brown|
F1 photo

What do race car drivers do for fun in their time off? Well, according to some videos from Red Bull, they continue racing...they just swap the surface they're competing on and equipment they're working with.

Red Bull Racing F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen took to some dinghy boats on the Yarra River while in Melbourne before the season-opener Australia Grand Prix on Sunday. Professional dinghy racers Scott Jenke and Jeremy Newman also joined the F1 drivers in the boats. 

The boats that the two raced were capable of speeds up to 56 miles per hour...and it definitely looks like the drivers got to test those limits.

“Hopefully it’s my first win of the week and I can continue like that for the rest of the year," said Ricciardo before getting into his boat, according to a press release from Red Bull. “By Friday, I’m hanging out to race, to see where you stand—it’s the first time we’re all on the same tires, same fuel. You get the best impression of who’s competitive. I’m keen to find out—I’m sure everybody else is too.”

Verstappen also found himself at home in the river.

“I like speed, I like to be in the water,” said the Verstappen. “I didn’t really have expectations because I’ve never seen anything like this before.”