Max Verstappen Worried About Red Bull F1 Back in 2018

More drama from the world’s most elite racing series.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jun 14, 2017 10:42 PM
Max Verstappen Worried About Red Bull F1 Back in 2018

Much to the chagrin of  teams and fans, Formula One cars, especially their engines, have made all of the wrong headlines this year. Although McLaren-Honda has taken most of the heat, it's a series wide issue that's starting to irk even the most skilled drivers. 19 year old Red Bull F1 pilot Max Verstappen recently voiced his opinion on the matter, and his concerns go even further than the 2017 season. According to him, the team's competitiveness may continue to waver into next year. 

Verstappen even went as far as calling this season "completely crap", reinforcing his disappointment so far. Most of his frustration seems to come from his car's Renault-sourced powerplant, one that the supplier claims won't be tweaked for the rest of the year.

The Red Bull star said in a statement to Dutch broadcaster Ziggo Sport Totaal,

"We wanted to go for the world title this year, but we are far from it ... I'm worried also for the direction for next year. I want to win, and I absolutely think this team can. You can see we have improved the car a lot, but the power is yet to come. And right now, as you may have read, there will be nothing more (in 2017). Updates were promised, but there have been few."


Although Verstappen made his discontent clear, he's still backing his team. Red Bull boss Christian Horner replied to the driver's comments by saying, "He knows how hard the team is pushing to make the car better. He'll see the big picture ... We were racing against a Mercedes (in Canada), and we beat Ferrari. Max hasn't had the result, but it's still a long season. His time will come."

With plenty of races left in the season, it'll be up to Verstappen to make the most out of the car's engine problems. His teammate Daniel Ricciardo has been able to trudge through the issues and claim several podiums throughout the year, so if Verstappen can capitalize on his opportunities, things could start to look up for him as well.