Porsche Could Buy Red Bull F1, Report Says

Could this be Stuttgart’s way in to the top tier of motorsport?

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Porsche has revealed that Formula 1 could be in its future come 2021. While it has expressed interest in joining the sport as an engine supplier, it could become a full-fledged works team by way of Red Bull. 

With the German automaker looking to gain a stake in the series, and Red Bull reportedly looking to sell off to become a brand sponsor, the two could be headed in a new direction that lands Porsche right in the middle of competition in as little as four years. 

Rumors of the two joining forces have heated up lately, as Motor Sport Magazine reports, suggesting that preliminary discussion are already underway. 

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By buying out Red Bull, Porsche would simply take over ownership and supply a proper works engine program. This would be the first time Porsche has been so involved with the sport since a failed attempt as an engine partner back in the early '90s. 

This move would promote Porsche to a legitimate spot within the sport and keep Red Bull as a title sponsor. That seems like a win-win situation for both parties, especially considering that Red Bull would be able to maintain a steady presence in F1 without the astronomical expenses it's currently forking out. The team's impressive track record that includes four Constructors' Championships could be a plus to Porsche as well.

It would also allow current team principal Dietrich Mateschitz an exit, something he has speculated since Formula 1 introduced the existing set of engine regulations in 2014. The cost to run an F1 team has exploded since then, and Mateschitz has said in the past that his outlook on Red Bull's future was skeptical.

Operations would still be housed at the same headquarters, with Christian Horner remaining in charge, giving Red Bull fans hope for the future. Adrian Newey would likely remain the head of technology as well.

Neither side has confirmed or denied this rumor, but we expect to hear more, as Red Bull will likely transition to using Honda power plants in 2018.