Let These Porsche Rally Cars Make You Smile

Watch out, Impreza. Stand back, Evo.

byMax Goldberg|
Porsche News photo

Queue Julie Andrews singing “My Favorite Things,” because this video is winning our hearts this afternoon. Try to ignore rear-wheel-drive 911s blasting through the wooded countryside. It’s damn near impossible.

The Drive has a strange and abiding love for cars playing against type. In this instance, it’s 911s barreling down dirt roads. Although it may be narrow-minded to view Porsche as strictly a street-car manufacturer—and despite its numerous hillclimb victories and Dakar Rally Raids—it’s not the first brand that comes to mind when we think of European rallying. It all just makes it more fun to watch these rear-engine German monsters traverse the treacherous rally circuits of Europe in the video below.