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What Are the Must-Attend Formula 1 Races of the 2018 Season?

From Austalia to Mexico, the Formula 1 circus is best experienced live. But which track is best?

A Formula 1 racing weekend is one of the coolest sporting events one could ever attend. The atmosphere that engulfs a city when Formula 1 comes to town is second to none, with the exception of a FIFA World Cup soccer game.

Modern technology makes it easy to watch Formula 1 action from the comfort of our living rooms and even smartphones nowadays, but needless to say, the pinnacle of motor racing is still best experienced in person. This begs to ask the question, with 21 stops around the globe during the 2018 racing season, which is the best Formula 1 track for motorsport enthusiast to attend? 

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that not all Formula 1 fans are the same, and that most of them, if not all, look to experience different things when venturing out to a major sporting event, especially one that costs as much dinero as F1 does. As a result, I broke up enthusiasts into three different categories.

Rain or shine, fans show their love for Ferrari during the Italian Grand Prix., Ferrari

First-Timers: This group should ease into their maiden Formula 1 experience. The best race they can attend will be the one closest to home for several reasons, but primarily to keep costs relatively low and not encounter a language barrier. General admission tickets are a great way to go as they allow fans to sit at various locations during the weekend, rather than being locked-in to one grandstand.

Explorers: Got a race or two under your belt? Cool, it’s time to explore! Forget the comfort of your own language and currency, it’s time to travel the world and soak in the F1 experience along with a foreign culture. Some venues like the Canadian Grand Prix offer tickets with rotating grandstands, which means that you’ll have a different view during practice, qualifying, and race day.

Connoisseurs: It’s not about partying it up anymore, nor about how many races you can attend this year. It’s time to focus on quality rather than quantity, and focus on memorable venues that will deliver borderline spiritual experiences. Think manufacturers’ home-races or the season-opening or closing race.

The Winners


The view of the Circuit of The Americas from the infield tower., McLaren

United States Grand Prix: With the majority of our readers living in the United States, it was a no-brainer to choose this one. The Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas is the perfect place to kick off one’s F1 adventure. It’s a nice facility, there are plenty of general admission seating areas, and the Texan hospitality (and food) is pretty darn good as well. Runner-up: The Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada.


Azerbaijan’s culture and track layout offer a unique experience to world-travelers and fans alike., McLaren

Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Tell folks you’re going to Baku and they’ll surely go, “Where?” Last year’s opening race was action-packed and didn’t disappoint despite the super-tight track layout and short straightaways. Plus, Azerbaijan’s cobblestone streets and breathtaking architecture sit on the beautiful coast of the Caspian Sea, which means there are plenty of things to do before and after the race weekend. Runner-up: The Singapore Grand Prix.


Fans invade Monza’s main straight after the conclusion of the Italian Grand Prix., Ferrari

The Italian and British Grand Prix: Given their importance in the world of Formula 1, it was impossible to choose between these two. Monza is often touted as the most special race on the calendar (even for the F1 drivers), and it’s the home of Ferrari, which means that the passion factor is kicked up about 10 notches. If you go, don’t forget to wear red! Then there’s Silverstone, the oldest F1 racetrack on the calendar, and the home of most of the F1 paddock. Once you’ve attended these, you can die in peace. Runner-up: The Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka, Japan.