See the Differences Between the 2017 and 2018 Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 Cars

With the Formula 1 season-opener just one week away, it's a great time to review the 2018 changes.

Formula 1 teams don’t wait until the off-season to start talking (or complaining) about the upcoming season’s rules and regulation changes. In fact, they sometimes do so years in advanced, as the process of creating or modifying an FIA rulebook can be extremely lengthy. But, have you ever gotten a clear visual of what most of these changes actually look like in a Formula 1 car?

This video created by the Mercedes-AMG crew sheds some light on the most important changes that affected the car’s design and performance due to the 2018 regulations. Perhaps the coolest characteristic of the video is the fact that it’s narrated by the team’s Technical Director James Allison, who is accompanied by the 2018 and 2017 race cars as he explains the differences between the two.

Of course, right off the bat, he starts with the most noticeable regulatory change for 2018, which is the Halo safety device. A close-up of the structure reveals just how sturdy the construction of it is, as well as how neat its high-tech composition looks from up-close. Another important and quite noticeable change in design is the engine cover fin and T-Wing, which adorned the backs of all Formula 1 race cars during the 2017 season.

A championship-leading team like Mercedes-AMG doesn’t rest on its laurels and cruise through the winter hoping that the rest of the field doesn’t catch up to them. As a result, Allison gives an in-depth explanation of the aero work performed to the side pods, the underbody, and other aerodynamic elements that help produce downforce and dissipate heat. Another important change for 2018 was raising the suspension components, as higher wishbones allow for better airflow around the sculpted bodywork.

Considering Mercedes-AMG completed a trouble-free pre-season testing program in Barcelona, we have no doubt that these changes are already edging them closer to another Constructors’ World Championship.