Watch The Footage of Valor Racing's Polaris RZR Tumbling Out of the Parker 250

New footage has surfaced from when Valor Racing driver Kyle Miller and co-driver Josh Barnes crashed their Polaris RZR four miles into the Parker 250.

Valor Racing

Valor Racing's Polaris RZR took a tumble while participating in the 2018 Parker 250 a few months back, but recently new footage has been released showcasing the pairs crash. Valor Racing's Polaris RZR race vehicle, driven by driver Kyle Miller and co-driver Josh Barnes, flipped down a large hill around four miles into the race. 

Miller and Barnes were driving through a section known to them as "powerline road" due to the power lines following the route. At the end of this section, the racecourse goes between power lines and unexpectedly the ground dropped out from beneath them and the pair tumbled for around 300 feet and down 100 feet, but are alive and okay.

I reached out to the pair. Kyle told me they "were obviously quite disappointed and frustrated at the crash. The crash was a combination of our lack of experience and also the fact that the hill was not mentioned on the danger sheet or in the drivers meeting." He went on to tell me that they were not allowed a pre-run which makes the need for it to be on a danger sheet even more important, but the car is rebuilt and ready to race again. 

Co-driver Josh Barnes said it best. "If you are going fast enough to are going fast enough to crash." 

Check out the footage on Facebook of the pairs crash as well as the duo's discussion of the crash on YouTube.