Watch and Listen to Every 2018 F1 Car On-track at Barcelona

Formula 1 drivers test out their new Halo-equipped race cars at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Getty Images

Some people prefer to listen to sounds of the ocean or flutters of the outdoors to relax—as car enthusiasts, I think we prefer the sounds of roaring engines. YouTube channel Jaume Soler Movies recently put out a video that helps us on that front. With the first week of winter testing behind us, Soler has compiled a video of every 2018 Formula 1 car going around Circuit de Catalunya featuring popular drivers such as Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton. 

This is our first peek at the new machines on-track, showcasing just how different they are from last year's racers. The 2018 cars are equipped with the new Halo cockpit safety device that's now standard for this season among other aerodynamic bits, and these clips help to illustrate the unique features fitted to each car.

Check out the test day video below.