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Watch This: 50 of Formula 1’s Best Passes

These are some of the best televised overtakes in the history of Formula 1. Get ready to hear an excited Murray Walker.

Formula 1 has been around for nearly seven decades, and in that time, there has been an overtake or two. YouTuber Antti Kalhola ran through the televised history of Formula 1 to compile a video of the 50 best passes in the sport’s recorded history.

Some passes are as simple as pressing the Drag Reduction System button and cruising past a competitor, while others involve a joust for position with outstanding car control, unorthodox lines, and unrivaled bravery. Spectators for reasons obvious tend to prefer the latter. 

Included in Kalhola’s highlight reel are classics and modern favorites alike, such as Nelson Piquet’s drift on the ragged edge around the outside of Ayrton Senna at the 1986 Hungarian Grand Prix, and Daniel Ricciardo’s swoop on Lewis Hamilton at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix. These, along with some of your other favorites can be found in the video, which also includes a couple from the 2018 season.

Though thrilling, Kalhola’s video may need an update in the near future, with revised aero regulations on the way for the 2019 season. 

These changes should decrease the tumultuous wake of “dirty air” that comes off Formula 1 cars, which makes following closely difficult, and passing equally tricky. DRS will be more potent too, and should on its own increase passing, whether or not the simplified wings make close racing easier. We have some ideas of our own regarding how to improve the racing spectacle that is Formula 1—hopefully someone on high at the FIA is listening.