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Watch a Red Bull Formula 1 Car Do Donuts on Top of a Skyscraper

No room for error? No problem. Just another day in the life of a Formula 1 driver.

Formula 1 drivers work and play hard. Outside of the rigorous training, media, and 21-plus country tours per year, apparently, they also find time to do donuts on top of 900-foot skyscrapers with no significant fencing.

Depicted in the video uploaded to social media by Aaron Carter is a Red Bull Racing F1 car doing hair-raising donuts on top of a skyscraper. The car in question is likely the same as that used in the team’s promotional video from last Thursday, wherein its driver Max Verstappen traversed Colorado’s Rocky Mountains on his way to the beach in Miami.

If the car depicted in RBR’s promo video is the same as the one seen doing donuts on top of the skyscraper in Miami, then it’s likely the RB7, the team’s car for the 2011 season, which won 12 of the 19 Grands Prix of the season, is winning Sebastian Vettel his second championship.

The driver doing donuts would be discernible if the image quality was good enough to spot their helmet (F1 drivers all have distinct helmets). It’s certainly not out of the question that Verstappen is the man in the cockpit, but it seems right up the alley of Daniel Ricciardo, who once forced Sir Patrick Stewart to drink champagne from his sweaty boot. Something tells us we’ll know as soon as Red Bull uploads its own account of the rooftop donut extravaganza.