Watch Senna Heel-Toe Like a Legend

Let one of the best of all time show you how it's done.

It’s fair to say that Ayrton Senna is the most celebrated driver of the 20th century. His ability was always on display whether it be during the early days of his Mercedes 2.3-16v career or later on in Formula 1, and judging from the outside of the car, it’s easy to see why. One aspect that was hidden from public view, however, was his skill to simultaneously saw the wheel and heel-toe the pedals with precision. This video shows the legend’s fancy footwork and furthers his credentials as top-dog of the era.

Vintage clips like this are some of our favorites. Although racing is getting faster and gaining more popularity than in recent years, these remind us of when it was at its peak with fans around the globe. One of the few clips that gives this one a run for its money is Senna at Monaco in 1990, both showing his prowess as a world-class driver.

The Mercedes in this video is relatively tame compared to Senna’s F1 cars, but it’s entertaining to see him huck it around track just the same. Starting as a prodigy at a young age, he showed his worth in the 2.3-16v spec series and continued on to win repeatedly. 

The racing community recently observed the 23rd anniversary of the hero’s passing. His son, Bruno, looks to keep on his father’s reputation as he races for Aston Martin in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Watch this clip and tell us it’s not the most impressive onboard pedal footage you’ve seen today. What a talent.