Watch a Lamborghini Sales Specialist Deliver Your New Huracan Spyder

Can we get this in VR?

byChris Tsui|
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Despite what your ambitious 15-year-old self might've thought, you—along with the vast majority of people—will likely never own a Lamborghini. To alleviate this, most car enthusiasts have probably spent a significant amount of time browsing the myriad of Lambo review videos online that feature the Italian supercars skidding about on a closed circuit with a (usually British) auto journalist pontificating about stuff like steering feel and torque delivery. As awesome as these are, they don't really paint a realistic picture of what everyday Lamborghini ownership is actually like. Thanks to one Lamborghini Sales Specialist, you can now experience what it's really like to take delivery of a brand new Huracan.

Self-proclaimed artist, pin-up model, 'super luxe entrepreneur' Heather Ballentine is also a Sales Specialist at Lamborghini Uptown Toronto. In the following 52-minute video, Heather gives us a POV-style look into a more mundane-yet-interesting aspect of supercar ownership that members of the generally public rarely get to experience—the customer delivery rundown. You know, the part where the dude who sold you the car takes you around and shows you how to turn on the headlights and adjust the radio. Except here, we're talking about a $220,000 Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 Spyder and the process is appropriately a little more extensive than what the average Joe is used to. 

For about the next hour, pretend to be a one-percenter, delving into the more everyday, practical aspects of your new drop-top V10 Lambo, and experience a level of customer service you probably won't get at the Honda joint down the street.

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Is it bad that I watched this all the way through?

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