Watch What Happens When You Fill a Tire to 220 PSI

You can probably guess, but it's pretty great to see.

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Who hasn’t thought about filling a tire way past its breaking point? And we’re not talking about 50-60 PSI, either. In this video, THE EXPERIMENT YouTubers fill a tire to 220 PSI. After some trial and error with a smaller compressor, the tandem decided to source a carbon dioxide tank capable of pumping an even more astounding 360 pounds per square inch … and proceeded to hook it up to the oldest tires they could find.

Luckily, the host was smart enough to steer clear of the explosion. We’ve seen too many clips of people hovering right over over-inflated tires, so at least he filmed it from a distance. He keeps on saying “this is more than a tire blowout, this is a tire explosion,” though we didn’t really know what else to expect. Curiosity killed the cat, but thankfully that wasn’t the case here.

Instead of blowing into smithereens, the tire burst right above the bead and tore all the way around. It’s surprising that there wasn’t more damage to accompany the huge “pop,” but you can only imagine what it would be like with a loaded vehicle on top.

Even though you might question their sanity, you can’t blame them for trying it. Watch the experiment here and let us know if you’ve ever tried the same thing in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Via Reddit.