This Is How the Iconic Nissan Skyline Was Made

Watch the story behind the historic development of the Nissan Skyline.

As an automotive enthusiast, when you think of an auto manufacturer, you might think of your favorite car, something you like or dislike about the brand, and possibly even its flagship model. If you picture Nissan in your head, you might think about a vehicle we didn’t have the privilege to drive in the United States—the Skyline.

Donut Media is a fan-favorite producer when it comes to car-enthusiast related material. Its series “Up to Speed” focuses on learning all there is to know about a particular vehicle (at least as much as you can over the course of a few short minutes). This particular video focuses on Nissan’s adopted child that the world welcomed with open arms.

The video covers areas that most might not know about, including the acquisition of the model from Prince Motor Company in 1957, and Nissan’s back-and-forth focus flipping from luxury to raw performance throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. The bulk of the video covers the chassis that most enthusiasts today are familiar with, including the R32, R33, and R34; specifically looking at the GT-R variant. In addition, the short film touches upon the transition from Japanese powerhouse to the Infiniti-branded American luxury cars, and finally its return to glory as the R35 GT-R.

Now that you’ve come to learn more about the Skyline, you can appreciate it to be one of the most iconic vehicles that we have been able to watch tear up the streets and the tracks. Nissan’s 60-year-old platform has a place in all of our hearts.