Youtuber Is Selling His Tesla Because the Tires Are Worn Out

Man forgets that seasonal tires exist, promptly gets made fun of on the internet.

byChris Constantine|
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The internet is a ruthless place and any novice user should mind what they post online, or face the harshest criticism a person can say-er, type to another. Admittedly, the car world can be a very hostile place for beginners, whether you're a new wrench or just learning to drive. There are many people out there who think they know everything that if you make one wrong comment, you're likely to get flamed. However, there are some people who do things to their cars that are so questionable and unreasonable that they deserve to be put in their place online.

Dan Markham owns the popular What's Inside? Youtube channel, which he runs with his son Lincoln to show us what's inside just about everything. Dan has owned a 2013 Tesla Model S P85 for 2 years now, but he posted a video on his Vlog channel yesterday, saying it was time to part ways with the Tesla. 

Why is Dan selling the car, is something wrong with it? As a matter of fact, Dan thinks there is something wrong, specifically with the tires; they're worn out. First, Dan claims that the rear tires should have lasted far longer than 8 months. Thing is, tires on a car that makes all of its torque instantly and only to the back wheels will definitely wear down faster. However, the biggest flaw is that he's using Continental  ContiSportContact tires, which are summer tires. He claims that he feels unsafe because he's sliding in the snow; that's what happens when you use tires designed for a different season in extreme conditions. Summer tires also tend to wear out a lot faster, so he should have expected this. 

The solution then is to not sell a car you paid $60,000 for and to just buy a second set of winter or all-season tires. C'mon Dan, are you too "thrifty" for that, too?

The Youtuber may not deserve all the hate he's getting for his decision right now, but if you play stupid games, you'll win stupid prizes.

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