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All You Need to Go Off-Road Is an Old Hyundai Tiburon

It might not survive, but that's half the fun.

There are a few things that most would assume are required for a successful off-road adventure: a well-maintained vehicle, ground clearance, and above all, four wheel drive. But expert bender-of-rules Mastermilo82 and his band of merry Dutch vagabonds are back at it with a first-generation Hyundai Tiburon to show you that really, none of those things are necessary.

The group is probably best known for their RollGolf build and other wildly off-kilter automotive antics, but they suffered a big setback in early January when a massive fire destroyed their warehouse and years worth of projects. Thankfully, it appears they haven’t let that slow them down one bit.

In their latest video, they show us exactly how far you can get off road with a beat-up old Hyundai coupe and a can-do attitude. The answer, as you’ll see below, is pretty damn far.

The antics start at 1:33 with a quick walkthrough of the wooded trail ahead of their first run. Preparation is key, folks. At 2:15, the blue Tiburon hits the dirt with what can only be described as vigor, plowing through ruts, soaring over jumps, and taking far more abuse than anyone would expect possible.

It dies more than a few times, but the crew is able to revive it over and over again. In the end, after almost 15 minutes of hard off-road driving, the little coupe finally blows its front suspension, but the engine hasn’t called it quits yet. They’re able to jury-rig a fix to get it moving again—hopefully to be featured in a future insane build.