Watch the Dodge Challenger Demon Do a Burnout on the Street

The best things in life are free. Once you spend $84,995 on the car, at least.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Sometimes, the simple pleasures in life are the best. The smell of freshly-cut grass. The taste of ice cream on a hot day. Or, in our current case, the sight of the new Dodge Challenger Demon laying down a juicy burnout in the middle of the street. 

If you've come here expecting a Dodge Demon burnout video with a lot of context or explanation to it, well, you're outta luck. The video—which was posted on the Hemi Muscle YouTube channel earlier this month, but has just 4,747 views as of this article's writing—is little more than a quick, likely-smartphone-shot clip of a silver Challenger Demon pulling out of a garage, through a parking lot, and onto what seems to be a public street, where it revs up and lays down a long pair of tire tracks as the Nittos turn to smoke. The 800-plus horsepower supercharged V8 seems to need a split second to overcome the grip of the giant drag radials...but at the end, even the sticky rubber can't fight all that power. 

There is one interesting note (beyond, obviously, the basic draw of watching a Dodge Demon do a burnout): In an overly dramatic twist, the opening moments are set to the iconic "O Fortuna" movement of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

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