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Watch Cleetus and The Hoonigans Do a Massive Minivan Burnout

As is tradition with a rental car.

There are a lot of cars The Drive would love to do a burnout in, but a front-wheel-drive V6 Chrysler Pacifica is not exactly high on our list. Still, we will watch just about anything light up its tires. In a collaboration video between The Hoonigans and Cleetus McFarland, we get to see a rental minivan get beaten to an absolute pulp. 

The video starts off with the usual blog-style banter but eventually, it transforms into preparation for a massive burnout. The crew puts blocks behind the rear wheels and secures the minivan to a ’90s Ford F-250 before the launch into the burnout. At first, Cleetus attempts to activate cruise control but the system denies the request so he just stays on the gas. According to their debriefing, the fiery Pacifica was able to get into third gear during its several minute long burnout. 

At the end of the video, we see the tires are completely destroyed and in desperate need of replacing. However, it is all in good fun since the car is a rental and we all know what you do with a rental…