For Prom Night in the Mojave, a Jeep Wagoneer Limousine

Love for the original American luxury 4×4 goes on. And on and on and on.

byDavid Traver Adolphus|
Drivesmart Elite 2

The current Grand Cherokee is a fine thing, an impressive vehicle worthy topping Jeep’s model range. Go back a few years, however, and it was anything but—a Wrangler in a coffin with an engine from AMC, in the days when a Wrangler was only for masochists. As far back as 1963, if you wanted a civilized, utilitarian, American 4X4, you bought a Wagoneer.

When Jeep spun off the Cherokee as a low-cost alternative a decade later, Wagoneer really went uptown, combining Quadra-Trac (later QuadraTrac), Dana 44 axles and a V8 with interior luxury and convenience. As Allpar puts it, “Jeep Wagoneer would have achieved the status of the Range Rover,” if it had been anyone other than AMC in charge. It’s no surprise that Grand Wagoneers (which were on a unique platform) still have a huge following, and good ones are priced comparably to new Grand Cherokees.


But what if you need, say, another five feet of Grand Wagoneer, and also really want to capture the feeling of a mid-Nineties prom? Then this 1988 limousine in Jackson, Wyoming, is the truck for you.

With a 60-inch stretch and full matching Burgundy interior, it’s a night of bad decisions on wheels, especially if you decide to see how far off-road you can take it. It’s got a bar, a giant brick of a cellphone and a built-in 13-inch tube TV, one I can only assume is hooked up to a VCR. The engine is AMC’s 360-ci V8, which makes slightly less power than the new Mazda Miata 2-liter. There are a lot of ways to get around in the world. This is one of them.

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