The Build: Axle Folly

Everything is f***ed. Yaaaay!

byThe Drive Staff| UPDATED Jan 4, 2017 9:44 PM

This week, Ben Preston took to some of the oiliest bits of our Toyota FJ62: the axles. Despite their heft, these big, steel undergirding parts have their own share of problems. As it is with old, neglected cars, things get persnickety: thin gear oil from the differential has become mixed with the thick grease from the axle joints to create a third, creamy goop that spells "joint failure." In short, everything is getting pried off, separated, and cleaned. Ben gets out the pickle fork and attempts to pry apart some pieces before resorting to a bout of aggressive hammering. Then, fire. It was a frustrating process. Have you ever seen a grown man swear in Italian at an axle hub?

It can be hard to spent months under a rust-ridden truck. We're at a full-tear down, but soon, we'll begin adding bits back on en route to full, glorious road-(and offroad-)worthiness. All creative swearing will be done, hopefully, in joy.