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Tesla Owner Tracks Down His Stolen Car Using the Automaker’s App

Tesla's app helped save the day.

Earlier this week, a man was arrested for breaking into a home, stealing the key to a Tesla, and driving it from Escondido to Wildomar in California. Little did he know, however, that in taking the car as police allege, the rightful owner could pinpoint the Tesla’s exact location—which is exactly what he did. 

The day after notifying the local police department of the burglary, the Tesla’s owner reportedly used his app to track down where the thief took his car and found it parked a little more than 40 miles away in a shopping area in Wildomar, California. 

According to the police report, “Officers observed the stolen vehicle as it entered the N/B I-15 freeway. A traffic enforcement stop was conducted on the vehicle at the I-15 freeway and Baxter Road. The driver of the stolen vehicle was taken into custody without further incident.”

The report also noted that “the driver was identified as Ryan Charles Barton, 29-years old, and a resident of the City of Wildomar. He was arrested for possession of stolen property, and possession of burglary tools, and was transported to the Southwest Detention Center for processing.”

The future may be full of unknowns, but dumb thieves, presumably, will always exist.